What does HireAssure do?

HireAssure - a Summary

While HireAssure leverages complex technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning and scans data from various sources - the premise of HireAssure is very simple at heart – predict the probability that a prospective employee would join a potential employer.



Assess each and every candidate's true interest in your job offer


Based on probability, customize your hiring strategy for each individual – engage, ask for commitment, make plan B or do nothing

Reduce Losses

Reduce the wasteful trio - Interview no shows, Hiring losses and "Infant Mortality"


Meet your commitment to your clients and protect your reputation with clients

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by focussing efforts on high probability candidates

Minimize wrong hires

Minimize the last minute, "There Is No Alternative (TINA)" hires – who may turn out to be wrong hires

how It Works

Employers login to
HireAssure and query on Candidates

Job Portals
Corporate ratings

collects data from various sources

Social Media

JPAN Engine Analyzes data

Key features


Predict Probability of joining by just providing identification details

Analyze candidates

View Candidate details in one single screen


Manage users, rights, subscription


Dashboard views for Recruitment personnel and Managers

Candidate Management

Select and shortlist candidates for Hiring decisions

Latest Technology

Machine Learning and NLP driven

Why hireassure

The story of HireAssure began on a sunny December Monday morning amidst the crowded and gridlocked road to Whitefield, Bangalore. This is where one of our prospective employees who, after promising to join, even on the very same Monday morning, vanished without a trace. While we lost a long standing and key client – we knew then, there had to be a better way to predict which potential employee would join an employer. As Founders of HireAssure, this was our "Eureka" moment and thus began the journey of HireAssure.

HireAssure is brought to you by a team comprising business heads, technologists and consumers of recruiting services. More information on the Founders can be found at www.posterotech.com/AboutUs

We are fortunate to have high profile HR Practitioners and Statisticians as our Mentors and we thank them for their continued advise and guidance.


Manu Arora has rich HR experiences in diverse environments and geographies, driving people and culture transformation, change leadership, and business set-up and growth. He has played various corporate and business HR roles in the technology services and product and hi-tech sectors

Prof.Mihir Dash, Associate Professor at Alliance School of Business and Area Chair - General Management, is a specialist in mathematical and statistical modeling. Prof. Dash is actively involved in teaching a variety of courses, including Business Mathematics, and Business Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, and Operations Management, and in research activities and projects. Prof. Dash's research interests are diverse, touching several areas of management, and involving applications of quantitative methods in business decision problems. He has to his credit, several research publications covering a multitude of Industries such as Insurance, ITES, Finance, Airlines, Capital Markets etc.